Advanced Survival Experience : 13-15 October 2023 (Ware Shoals, SC)

Ware Shoals, SC

Course Date:
13-15 October 2023

Course Time:
9:00AM - 12:00PM

South Carolina

Advanced Survival Experience : 13-15 October 2023 (Ware Shoals, SC)


The Fieldcraft Survival Advanced Survival Experience is for those who have completed previous survival training and want to test their skills and minimal gear in guided field exercise. This course is approximately 50% training and 50% experience with time allotted for instructor-guided lessons and independent-student practice. This course is held on private property along a mile of private riverfront. Participants in this course will survive out of their kit and will be provided specific group gear to accomplish specialized tasks. Students will be provided minimal food and utilize minimal kit to build individual shelters, make and maintain fire, gather and prepare food, navigate to additional supply caches, and deal with the environment. This is not a beginner course and there will not be dedicated training on the fundamentals. Students should have a strong foundation from previous training. This course starts promptly at 12 noon on Friday and ends at 12 noon on Sunday. Once the course starts, students will not be allowed to access additional gear from their vehicles or base camp.

Note: Enrollment is live! Must register prior to 1 week out. NO LATE SIGN UPS ALLOWED. Instructor will contact students prior to discuss additional details. A South Carolina fishing license will be required as an additional purchase and it is available online.

Gear: All gear must fit in a container/bag and weigh less than 10 lbs
Insect Repellent
One Belt Knife (4” to 6” blade) Larger knives will not be allowed.
16 ounce metal cup and Nalgene bottle or equivalent
Hobo fishing gear (hooks, line, sinkers, lures) but no fishing poles and reels
100’ Paracord (can be cut into shorter lengths) Leather Gloves
Headlamp with fresh batteries
Notebook and pen/pencil
Button Compass (Suunto Clipper, Tru Nord, or equivalent)
Small Surplus GI Poncho or Tarp
Mosquito head net
WuWu gear (Toilet paper/Wet Ones/Toothbrush and Paste)
SMALL Backpack or Shoulder Bag to carry it all

Optional but recommended:

Multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife (i.e. Huntsman,Ranger, or Farmer)
Hammock Body Only (No mosquito nets or straps)

Course Location: Ware Shoals South Carolina- 2283 Power House Rd, Ware Shoals, SC 29692. -This is a meeting location and we will travel to the course from here.

Additional Info:

Food rations will be provided.

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