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Backcountry Cooking: 5 May 2021 (Heber City, UT)

Heber City, UT

Food always tastes better outdoors. This Wednesday Workshop will help introduce you to different trail recipes. Some can be made at home and packed away for day hikes. Others are simple one-pot meals and others still are made with nothing more than a campfire and some simple camp kitchen accouterments. Join George Bell, Host of “Insert Ingredient Here” and Fieldcraft Survival VP of Operations, as he guides students through a delicious night of backcountry cooking. All of the food will be calorie-free (not really) so eat well and enjoy breaking bread with us.

Course Time: 6pm-8pm

Course Location: 2211 W 3000 S, Heber City, UT 84032

Children 14 and older are welcome to join

For any additional questions please email

Swag, kit, and tourniquets will be available for purchase on-site in our pro shop.

For those traveling for courses in Heber City, UT we recommend the Holiday Inn Express. Let them know that you are attending a Fieldcraft Survival course and they will give you 15% off of stated room rates.
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