Southern Border Adventure - COMING SOON

Southern Border Adventure - COMING SOON

We are going south! The Southern Border Adventure will take FieldCraft along the border, facing the trials and tribulations of the desert.

Check out our Behind the Scenes Guide Book under training!

This will not be your regular trail guide, FieldCraft is a forward thinking business and as such our Behind the Scenes Guidebook will be just as innovative.

Here is what to expect from our guide book. There will be a pre-trip planning section, research notes and our day to day endeavors. Then we will spice it up with an in-depth look at how each of the FieldCraft rigs is loaded out. Plus a section dedicated to the gear of the team; from first aid and emergency equipment to the recovery gear tailored for each vehicle. Plus we are throwing in a behind the scenes look at the lighthearted side of FieldCraft.

The front of each page will outline a day of the adventure with a section of trail, historical notes and points of interest. The back of each page will feature pictures, commentary and excerpts previously unavailable. We want to provide the community a useful guide to get you out and back again. Even if you are not expecting to undertake the journey this guide book will be a memento worth having. We want to give you, the community which has helped us grow, a window into the inner workings of our adventure; including in depth information previously reserved for our training courses.

By pre-ordering our Behind the Scenes Guidebook,  you will receive an email containing a link for a digital download at the end of January.  GPS files will be sold separately.

If this window into FieldCraft Survival is not enough for you. Join the Tribe! Tribe members will have an opportunity to join us on a section of the Southern Border Adventure! Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of this journey, your support is what keeps us going as a company.

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