Where To Go Equals When To Go

Where To Go Equals When To Go

A weekend camping trip is usually simple enough that you can pick a direction, stock up along the way and have a great time with friends and family. However, once you get beyond the 5 day time frame there arises many other concerns and often they intertwine. For example “where” to go is almost always a function of “when” to go.

Colorado trail exploration with ghost town on your bucket list, well don’t even think about going in winter. Death Valley in July might be more of a test than your toddlers care to undertake. Backwoods mountain terrain in the rainy season will give you more mud than a human can stand. Even if you are traveling the temperate zones where snow, heat or wind isn’t a concern you usually still have a dry and rainy season to contend with.

Permits and Permissions are often overlooked and yet  we have wildlife breeding seasons which can close an epic trail like the Devil's Highway,  baby turtle hatching can end your Central America beach exploring. Also more and more areas require special permits to
limit human impact, traveling the Rubicon means trucking out your waste.

Examples from FCS & SBA

We wanted to travel in an area with alot of military history, active military presence, and ties in with our core philosophy of Everyday Preparedness. The US/Mexican border is a hot topic in the news, check our podcast for an interview with XXX, we wanted to test our gear in a variety of terrain from mountains to sand dunes.

Once we knew “where” we needed to determine “when” and to limit our heat exposure we chose winter, also the area isn’t known for significant snowfall.

The permits and permissions part requires some web crawling. The Camino del Diablo (Devil’s Highway) has a limit on number of vehicles in a group and time of year. Each person has to sit down in person for quick training video to learn that you don’t touch found metal objects, they might explode, and as always with the government, sign papers.  Also as we are a commercial entity creating content we have to get a special filming permit. Lastly as dudes using guns on public and private lands it is wise to communicate with Border Patrol for the areas we plan to discharge firearms.

The final piece of the large group puzzle is timing. Beyond the where, when, weather and such is the scheduling of our other commitments. Time away from the shop (or vacation if you have a day job) has to be arranged. Making sure someone will keep an eye on the homestead,
keeping friends and family aware and having a posted plan in case things go south are also important.

There is much more to learn and we encourage folks to join our Tribe to get deeper dive videos, take an Everyday Mobility Level 2 course to learn in person or Level 3 to practice the skills on a Fieldcraft small group adventure. We are taking Pre-Orders of our Behind the Scenes Guidebook which will defray the cost of this extended test session, content creating, 11 days away from the shop adventure, and we hope, help you get out and explore also.


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