Training: Building Community

Training: Building Community

June 23, 2020

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for coming out to our training courses. For preparing and staying ready in these uncertain times  

We’ve had a lot of classes lately. We’ve met a lot of new people, and a lot of people have been introduced to each other. That’s the idea—it’s the community vibe we are building at FieldCraft Survival. Building local resources.

FieldCraft Survival is not just a firearms training company, we are a preparedness and survival company. You get all of this from coming to one of our training classes. We understand there are many options you can choose from regarding training. Know we are appreciative of your selection.

Now, for everyone gearing up to come out and train with us in Laurens, South Carolina. We have so much going on that weekend (June 25th to the 28th). We have a stacked card of training instructors—everyone on the FieldCraft team will be there. We’re going to have Dave, Aaron, Mike, Kevin, a few of the up and coming long-range instructors, pretty much everyone you’ve seen in the Fieldcraft training circuit, including me.

Gunfighter Pistol South Carolina

Big takeaways will be Gunfighter Pistol on Thursday; get ready for that—there are still slots available. Gunfighter Carbine and Long-Range Carbine is on Friday (there are still a few slots available). Saturday, we have Mike’s EDC class, a Concealed Carry Pistol Class, and a Low Light/No Light Shooting Class. On Sunday, we have Gunfighter Pistol 2, and our Evasive Driving Course. We also have a Long-Range Marksmanship Course going Saturday and Sunday with Kevin. It’s a very stacked weekend with a lot going on! We’re really glad you guys are coming out this weekend. Expect to have a lot of fun. Stay hydrated! Any questions you may have for anyone on the FieldCraft team, please bring those questions and address them over the weekend. Take advantage of the time, say hello, shake some hands, and enjoy all of the quality training.

As far as future East Coast Training, we have plenty going on in Florida, which we will be posting more classes for in the near future. Pennsylvania also has some training courses scheduled. We are working on more New Jersey and Connecticut offerings, so be sure to stay tuned for that! 

If you are looking to train with us, just a small note: classes are selling out 6 to 8 weeks before each class is set to begin; so, take the time, make some decisions, and purchase your slot—we don’t want you to miss out. We do receive a lot of emails about waiting lists, and I will tell you, we do not see many people canceling. If you are interested in a class, please try and secure a spot for yourself if one is available.


Important information for newer shooters who are curious about taking one of our classes: as long as you are a safe individual in your own training and around others, then you are welcome to sign up! Having a firm grasp of firearms marksmanship fundamentals will help you succeed in the class. We do not leave anybody behind—instead, we bring everyone up to speed and move the class together as a group. If you’re a more experienced shooter, this will allow you to get more practice. This is part of building that community and a team. We notice it every class, and you’ll notice it in the class you attend—by mid-day, everyone is cheering each other on and rooting for each other. Nobody feels like they’re being left behind, and nobody feels like they are being slowed down—it’s just progress that happens within a team. Our courses give everyone the opportunity to feel that they are a part of something more than themselves.

I hope to see you guys on the range, and thanks for being a part of our company. We appreciate you greatly.

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