5 day Citizen Resilience Course 5-9 October 2020 (Livingston, Montana)

Fieldcraft Survival

This course is designed to give citizens an immersive experience in order to gain as many lifesaving skills as possible in a short time.

Each block of instruction will be taught by a leading expert in their field

Skill sets trained will include Gunfighter Pistol, Gunfighter Carbine, Long-Range Carbine, Long-Range Marksmanship, Survival, Medical Training, Land Navigation, in both day and night conditions.

All weapons, ammunition, accommodation, and food will be provided.

if you want to bring your own firearms and ammunition, please let us know.

A detailed five-day outline and a packing list will be provided upon purchase.

Instructors include: Mike Glover, Kevin Owens,  James Davenport and more

Link up at 0900am- Comfort Inn, 114 Loves Ln, Livingston, Montana, 59047

Questions: kevin@fieldcraftsurvival.com

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