Bug Out on Foot Course, 17-21 August 2020 (Prescott, AZ)

Fieldcraft Survival


The Bug Out On Foot Course is a 5-day course that teaches students to survive and adapt in any environment. Effective Bug Out has many considerations, all of which will be covered during this course. From properly packing out your ruck and land navigation to wilderness med and survival considerations. The skill sets you will learn from this course will prepare you and your family for any and all Bug Out situations you may find yourself in.  

The following objectives will be trained:

-Bug Out Bag, LOADOUT and considerations

-Bug Out planning (PACE-ACTIONS ON)

-Land Navigation (Compass + Map + Route Planning)


-Basic Survival 

-Tactical Considerations 

-Security Considerations


-Wilderness First Aid and Trauma 

-Camping Setup


-Auxiliary Networks 

-Building a Shelter

-Escape and Evade tactics 

-Fire starter kit/Lighter

-Water purification

-e-tool/ small camp shovel



Packing List

Ruck Sack w/frame 

72hrs worth of food

100oz of water minimum

First Aid Kit (Your Choice)

Spare shirt, socks, pants, boots or shoes

Hygiene Kit

Sleeping Bag




Optional equipment in addition to the minimum is ok.

Examples: Survival Kit, Med Kit, Solar Charger, etc.


You will report Day 1 at 0800:

 Friendly Pines Camp

933 E Friendly Pines Road 

Prescott AZ, 86303

Swag, kit, and TQs will be available for purchase on site, please bring cash/card.

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