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Concealed Carry Implementation: 12 May 2021 (Heber City, UT)

Heber City, UT

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This free seminar is geared towards helping civilians gain real-world experience with the decision-making process of using force in defense of life. One of the most difficult aspects to gain proper training on in defensive use of a firearm is the mental processing of a dangerous situation. We will demonstrate various scenarios on a virtual simulator to offer a real-world application of defensive situations. This unique opportunity will better prepare you to better understanding the nature of deadly situations and properly using force to defend your life.

Course Time: 5pm-7m

Course Location: 2211 W 3000 S, Heber City, UT 84032

Children 14 and older are welcome to join

For any additional questions please email

Swag, kit, and tourniquets will be available for purchase on-site in our pro shop.

For those traveling for courses in Heber City, UT we recommend the Holiday Inn Express. Let them know that you are attending a Fieldcraft Survival course and they will give you 15% off of stated room rates.
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