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Concealed Carry Pistol: 17 July 2021 (San Diego, CA)

San Diego, CA

The concealed carry pistol course will explore the most common forms of on body carry. We will talk about and practice various options as a group. This will give the class a multitude of possible deployment options from concealment. As the class moves forward we will cover positions and limitations, movement, and drills to solidify the developing skills. Gunfighting from concealment is a performance task, get ready to fight off the “X” from concealment.

This course is for intermediate shooters that understand basic marksmanship and possess safe gun-handling skills, alone and around others. This is not a beginner’s course, if the instructors consider you unsafe or unfit for the course you may be asked to leave at your expense. This is for your safety and the safety of the class. Attending our Fundamentals class or one similar prior is highly suggested.

This course will have a special focus on the use of Red Dot Optics on pistols. Red Dot Optics are becoming more popular. Red dots have ben proven to be the fastest type of aiming reticle and provides the reatest hit probability on moving targets. 

Required Minimum Equipment:
Eye protection
Ear protection
Pistol w/ in the waistband holster
Cover garment
2-3 magazines w/ a carrier
300 rounds minimum

Course Time:


Course Location:

Academi Southwest: 7685 Siempre Viva Road, San Diego, CA 92154

Additional Info:

Please bring your own drinks and snacks. There is no lunch break though there will be time for snacks.

Private training is available in 30 minute or 60 minute blocks at an additional cost, serious inquiries only.

Training related questions, email:

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