Intro to Survival: Oregon Trail Challenge : 3-4 June 2023 (Cook Ranch - Julian, CA)

Cook Ranch - Julian, CA

Course Date:
3-4 June 2023

Course Time:
9:00AM - 1:00PM


Intro to Survival: Oregon Trail Challenge : 3-4 June 2023 (Cook Ranch - Julian, CA)


**Course NOTE: This course is being held in conjunction with the Women’s Warrior Bowhunt Retreat and FULL SEND 3D Archery Shoot. After the Women’s Warrior Bowhunt Retreat, you can join us for this course to put the skills you just earned to the test. Or, while you wait for your turn to shoot the 3D Archery Course, you can jump in and hone your wilderness skills. Or just come attend this course even if you aren’t participating in the rest of the event. You can take this course as a standalone or combined with any of the rest of the event, and is open to everyone (children under 16 need a parent/guardian attending as well).


This four-hour introductory course to survival, land navigation, and medical tasks will take you on a journey as you learn about various aspects of preparedness and survival. A modern-day Oregon Trail will address common issues such as freezing temperatures, running out of provisions, dying of dysentery and more. Finding your way and getting where you are headed will require some land navigation. Should you get lost or separated from your company, you will want to know some survival skills. Lastly, we will discuss how to address some medical emergencies to prevent you from being planted six feet under, if you catch our drift. Odds of surviving could be bleak, but we can make them better.

The course will consist of three one-hour blocks of instruction, one hour on each subject (Land Navigation, Survival, and Medical). These blocks will prepare you for the “confidence trail” that will have you navigating to various challenges and obstacles. Students will be divided into teams and will be given a list of azimuths and distances that they will have to follow, provided with a compass. At each point you will find a “calamity card” and will have to respond accordingly. You will be required to perform a task, write down answers to questions or bring items back to the starting point for inspection.

Hour 1: Land Navigation
Hour 2: Survival Skills
Hour 3: Medical skills
Hour 4: Confidence Trail

Everything you need will be provided. It is recommended you bring your favorite note taking tools. You are welcome and encouraged to bring any items you possess related to land navigation, basic survival and first aid to facilitate greater discussion. You will be journeying out into the wilderness, and we recommend appropriate hiking attire. Come refresh old skills or learn new ones, build your self-reliance and test yourself out on the trail!

Course Location:17606 Harrison Park Rd Julian, CA 92036

The address may take you a couple of minutes past the entrance. You want to go to Whispering Winds Catholic Camp. It is the same location as the Full Send 3D Archery Shoot. Look for the signs for Whispering Winds and Full Send Archery. We will meet at the Fieldcraft Survival Tent right next to the registration for the Full Send Archery registration booth.

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