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Intro to Tracking: 28 August 2021 (Sugarloaf, PA)

Sugarloaf, PA

This one-day tracking course will teach you the skills you need to track common wild animals and humans. It is taught by experienced woodsman, author, and private contractor for the US government Craig Caudill. This will include reading ground, aerial and other sign. Instruction on locating, assessing, and analyzing sign for the intelligence and information it can provide. Lost sign procedures will be included when tracking becomes difficult. This will also include tactical considerations so tracking can be used for the safety of team members in a tracking formation.

Items to bring:
Pencil (not pen)
Measuring tape

Course Time:


Course Location:

142 Cabin Lane Sugarloaf, PA 18249

Children 14 and older are welcome to join with a paid seat (and paid parent/guardian).

For any additional questions please email

Please bring your own lunch, drinks, and snacks.

By purchasing you agree to the No Refund policy.

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