Land Navigation with Kevin Estela: 25 September 2022 (Heber City, UT)

Heber City, UT

Course Date:
25 September 2022

Course Time:
9:00AM - 2:00PM


Land Navigation with Kevin Estela: 25 September 2022 (Heber City, UT)


This one-day Land Navigation class will teach you the skills you need to navigate in a wilderness with a map, compass, and GPS. This class will include terrain features, compass use, reading maps with and without grid features, measuring distance, pace count, and natural navigation with the sky. We will then go over fieldwork bringing everything together.

No prior experience is needed and kids over 12 are welcome.

One recent student said the following about the course: "I was fortunate enough to take the one-day land navigation course with Kevin Estela in Bristol, CT. The class exceeded my expectations in many ways and I'm still happy and excited about it four days later. Kevin has a teaching style that's very user-friendly. The class is a full day, but the format of the material and the style in which it's taught makes the day go by super fast. By the time the class ended, I felt like I wanted to keep going and learn more. I will definitely be attending the two-day version when it is available on the east coast. Kevin, as an instructor, was very enthusiastic, motivated, and collected. He was immediately able to answer any/every question asked with no fluff in his responses. The course material itself was appropriate. There was someone in class with their child (under 18) and they were both able to firmly grasp the material that was provided to them, so this is definitely a class that's good for all ages. Now that the class is over, I feel confident in reading a map and using a compass. I'm significantly more motivated to explore and pursue an entirely new part of life that I've been missing out on. I would recommend this class to everybody that is looking to be outside, travel, or explore." -Justin

Required Minimum Equipment:
Notebook and pen
Compass (will be provided for use at the class)

Course Location:

2211 W 3000 S, Heber City, UT 84032

Children 12 and older are welcome to come learn as a paid attendee in class. Children without a paid seat are not permitted.

For any additional questions please email

Please bring your own lunch, drinks, and snacks.

Swag, kit, and tourniquets will be available for purchase on-site, please bring cash/Venmo/Zelle.

By purchasing you agree to the No Refund policy.

For those traveling for courses in Heber City, UT we recommend the Holiday Inn Express. Let them know that you are attending a Fieldcraft Survival course and they will give you 15% off of stated room rates.

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