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Land Navigation with Kevin Owens: 5 December 2021 (Aberdeen, NC)

Aberdeen, NC

This one-day Land Navigation class will teach you the skills you need to navigate in a wilderness with a map, compass, and GPS. This class will include terrain features, compass use, reading maps, measuring distance, and pace count.

No prior experience is needed and kids over 16 are welcome.

Required Minimum Equipment:

Notebook and pen

Compass (will be provided for use at the class)

Course Time: 9am-2pm

Course Location: 3060 HWY 5, Aberdeen, NC, 28315

For any additional questions please email

16 and older are welcome to join with a paid seat in the class. Children without a paid seat are not permitted.

Swag, kit, and tourniquets will be available for purchase on-site in our pro shop.

Click Here for Directions
Click map for directions.