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Mobility 01-01: GoBag Black (Gen 3)


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Our Fieldcraft Survival Mobility 01-01 GoBag Gen3 is almost here! We started from the ground up when re-designing this bag. From materials and quality we made sure that we had a product that would stand up to the beating it would be put through. Our patent-pending bag acts as a modular panel with access to velcro and molle adhered pouches (included). Because the pack can be used as a backpack or a tactical panel (by securing it to the back of a vehicle seat), it makes it easy to carry all of your survival and medical gear in a survival situation. You can have access to your gear while it's on the back of a vehicle seat making it easy to grab individual pouches or items, but if you need to grab the whole pack and go, you can throw it on your back quickly and easily. 

Your survival skills combined with your essential gear are what will keep you alive. So we set out to make sure that you can have your kit ready to go at a moment's notice. The included pouches are great for storing emergency medical kits, survival gear, and other essential items. The MOLLE makes it easy and secure to attach other gear like a knife, tactical flashlight, tourniquet holder, etc. We understand that emergency preparedness doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. Different circumstances lead to different requirements. This is why the bag's modularity makes it so useful in a variety of situations. It allows you to customize it for your specific needs so you can have your emergency gear staged where and how you need it...which can mean the difference between life or death. So whatever So make sure that you have the kit you need when and where you need it.

Whatever your emergency situation, this bugout bag can be set up for all your kit to make sure you are ready to bugout in a moment's notice. Don't leave out any of the essential items. Don't get left behind with an ordinary backpack-get the Fieldcraft Mobility GoBag!


Product Overview

  • Fieldcraft Survival Mobility 01-01 bag is constructed with water-repellent and solvent-resistant materials that make it highly durable.
  • The bag comes with three double-walled storage pouches, which are removable for easy access.
  • The back of the bag is semi-rigid and creates a firm structure with 3 lines of built-in mole webbing.
  • The built-in shoulder straps allow for easy conversion into a backpack when travelling on foot.
  • The shoulder straps are also designed to inter-connect for securing the pack at the base of the seat.


Technical Details

  • The Bag Dimensions:  13.38(L)×5.51(D)×19.68(H)Inches
  • Small Pouch Dimensions: 5.51 (L)×3.93(D)×4.72(H) Inches
  • Large Pouch Dimensions: 5.51 (L)× 3.93 (D)× 4.72 (H) Inches
  • Outer Bag Material: 900D 100% Polyester with PU coating
  • Inner Pouch Material: Double layer 900D 100% Polyester with PU coating
  • Hardware: YKK zips with SBS customized Fieldcraft Survival branded zip pullers.


**Tourniquet Holder, tourniquet, and other gear sold separately. They do not come with the Mobility Bag. It does come with 3 pouches**

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