Modern Survival Skills : 2 December 2023 (Spanish Fork, UT)

Spanish Fork, UT

Course Date:
2 December 2023

Course Time:


Modern Survival Skills : 2 December 2023 (Spanish Fork, UT)


This one-day course is designed to better prepare students to the reality of short-term survival and emergencies in the great outdoors.

This course focuses heavily on skills using minimal kit.

Course Outline

Grounded in the possible and probable, this course addresses the basics of survival and the core needs of security, shelter, water, fire, signaling/communication, and more. After a short introduction in the classroom to cover mindset and kit layout/staging, students will move to the field and get hands-on practice of traditional bushcraft and modern survival skills to include carving, knot tying, tarp setups, and other related skills.


Equipment List: Clothing to train in all conditions - there is no such thing as cancellation for weather

Sturdy 4”-6” fixed blade knife


⅜” Ferro Rod


100’ paracord


Canteen with metal nesting cup or water bottle and small bailed pot

Personal-size tarp (6’x8’-10’x10’) or poncho

Notepad and pen

We will take a working lunch, pack snacks and plenty of water


Course Location:40.086832, -111.593626

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