Night Vision Fundamentals: 9 July 2022 (Denver, CO)

Denver, CO

Course Date:
9 July 2022

Course Time:
4:00PM - 12:00AM


Night Vision Fundamentals: 9 July 2022 (Denver, CO)

$500.00 - $750.00

Fundamental Night Vision is designed to provide a solid understanding of the principles of night vision operation and provide the tools to effectively move, shoot, and communicate in low-light/no-light environments. Training establishes a foundation of rifle marksmanship and progresses through utilizing night vision equipment. Topics covered will include psychology and benefits of night vision equipment, industry standards, gear selection, equipment configuration, and live fire drills. We will utilize a crawl, walk, run approach to maximize learning in a safe environment.


Subjects Covered:
Psychology of Fighting at Night with NVG’s
Helmet setup
NVG Setup / Operation
MISC Equipment for Marking and Navigation at Night
Thermal Imager or Helmet Mount Considerations
White light setup and Mounting for Rifle and Pistol
Optimal Weapons Setup for fighting at Night
IR Laser Mounting and Zeroing
NVG Static Shooting Drills
NVG Movement Shooting Drills
NVG Multiple Target engagements
NVG Barricade Shooting Drills
Transition From to White Light while utilizing NVG Considerations
White Light/Night Vision Integration
NVG Reload Drills


Required Ammunition:

400 Rounds Rifle Minimum

150 Rounds Pistol Minimum


Carbine or Rifle with weapon mounted light
Semi-auto Pistol with weapon mounted light or laser (RDS Mounted to pistol recommended)
Red Dot for Rifle (Recommend)
Infrared Laser and Illuminator
Belt mounted Holster for pistol (NO Serpa holsters)
Night Vision Device
Helmet and NVG Mount for Night Vision Device
Hand Held White Light
Chem Sticks( Any Color)
Ballistic Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Maintenance/Cleaning Kit for Weapons
Minimum of three (3) Serviceable Rifle Magazines
Minimum three (3) Serviceable Pistol Magazines
Magazine pouches for both rifle and pistol ( mounted to belt or plate carrier)
Sufficient Batteries for all your equipment
Clothing suited for activity and seasonally appropriate
Rain gear / cold weather gear (seasonal)
Water, Food, and Snacks


Course Location:

MODTAC - 9275 Christopher CT, Elizabeth CO 80107

There will be 1 hour Dinner Break. Please bring food, due to the fact that there are no close dining locations.

Prerequisites: No Night Vision experience is required to attend this class. Student will be taught from the ground up. This is a physical class and students are encouraged to be in good physical condition. Students must have basic weapons safety handling skills to attend this class.

**** Full NVG Rental Equipment will be available upon request for an additional fee of $250. Equipment includes: Helmet, Helmet Mount, PVS 14, IR Laser / Illuminator Device.

For ages 18 and older.

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