Course Testimonials

2 Day, Long Range Marksmanship Course, 27-28 June 2020 (Laurens, SC):

“Please send this to wherever it needs to go, but I wanted to take time to personally thank you, FC Survival, Mike Glover, Kevin Owens, Brian Edwards, and Jon Lister for an amazing, world-class Long-Range marksmanship course. (6/27-28/2020 Laurens SC at Sawmill Training Center)

I would consider the level of training provided world class; life changing (positively); it has given me a clear path to cut through the noise and shorten the learning curve so that I, upon putting the work in, can achieve and exceed my goals.

Carl Sagan once said, “understanding is a kind of ecstasy,” and man, it was. You guys made that happen. I’d go on for days about how much you guys have done for me in this class, but it would just beat a dead horse.

Ultimately, I will do my best to honor you guys by being a ‘good American,’ the best LEO I can be, and relentlessly striving to advance and refine the skills you guys gave me. Huge shout out to Kevin, Brian, and Jon... Seriously, those dudes brought rocket science to my level in two days: proven through application.

Respect, thanks, and gratitude to you, Mike, Kevin, Brian, Jon, and ALL the staff at FC Survival. I’ll be back to train with you all again, and I’ll try to bring as many as I can with me.”

Gun Fighter Carbine Course – Law Enforcement Only, 19 June 2020 (Jonesboro, AR):

“I just wanted to tell you that was the best course I've ever attended. You guys were laid back and made every bit of it fun, while relaying the information super clearly. I feel like I improved significantly, and I feel SHARP now.

I really respect that you talked about losing friends to suicide, and how vital it is to share your experiences to keep them from tormenting you (at least as severely as they would if you kept them all to yourself). I'm good about talking to friends and family about the things at work, but you brought it to the forefront of my mind. I've already used some of the lessons you taught. Went to work the night after carbine was over and we went to a house after a murder suspect. I had a sense of confidence when I slung my rifle that I'd never had before.

The next day, I was 2nd on scene to a murder/suicide (husband/wife), where this guy shot his wife in the face while she was asleep, shot their dog (what a p***k), then himself. On my way home, when I started to decompress, it bothered me. I remembered what you talked about, and I allowed myself to feel it instead of just pushing it down. I called someone, and I talked about it. THANK YOU, man. I view talking about experiences as a sign of strength but hearing it from you kind of helped reinforce that I wasn't being a little bitch by talking about things, since that's kind of the attitude in our community. What I'm saying is, you significantly improved my mindset, both from a gunfighting aspect as well as post-fucked-up-incident aspect. Thank you, man. You guys are the real deal, and those two days were invaluable. I can't wait to be back.”