Survival Channel

Please check out the FieldCraft Survival Channel on iTunes on YouTube--an informative series in survival, tactics, defense, mindset, guns, fitness, off-roading, military, and gear.

“Operation Neptune Spear”, the historic mission that lead to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Many stories have been told about that night, and the heroic actions of the men involved. However this interview is told from a different perspective. The perspective of Will Chesney and his dog Cairo--the only K9 team on the mission that night. Will sits down with Mike and talks through the events leading up to operation and Cairos amazing story.


Raul takes the principals form Basic Pistol Handling Pt. 1 and applies them at the range for you to see. Grip, Trigger Control, and Sight Alignment all used in unison to master the basics.


Having the ability to see and understand terrain at night allows you to be best set up for the proper articulation of that terrain. Mike uses his KC HiLites to light it up and teach you how to set up and best use your lighting systems.


Former Green Beret Mike Glover teaches the basics of single man close quarters battle(CQB). Sharing knowledge form his experiences in hopes of keeping you and your families safe.