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Pistol Fundamentals Course: 27 February 2021 (Ceres, CA)

Ceres, CA
The Pistol Fundamentals Course is designed to teach you the foundations of handgun use. This class is intended for those who have limited to no experience with handguns and those who want to focus on building their handgun skills. It covers firearm safety, marksmanship fundamentals, and concepts for drawing a pistol from a holster.
Required Equipment:
Eye protection
Ear protection
Pistol with holster
Two magazines
300 Rounds min
The range is located near 4236 Blaker Rd Ceres, CA which will put you at the house directly across from the entrance to the range facility, enter and drive down the road to the range.
Course will be held from 9:00am-2:00pm.
Please bring your own drinks and snacks, swag, kit, and tourniquets will be available for purchase on-site, please bring cash/card.
For any additional questions please email