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Pistol Fundamentals with Mike Glover: 27 February 2021 (Heber City, UT)

Heber City, UT

Sold Out

New Shooters Pistol Course (Feb 27th): Mike Glover and Kevin Owens will be teaching in a simulated environment where you will handle and shoot sims pistols to build skills and confidence. Because of this, you do not need to bring or even have a firearm for this course as it will not be held with live fire. 

This 5hr course is designed for the new shooter that wants to get more comfortable in handling and manipulating firearms, range procedures, firearm safety, and fundamentals of marksmanship and self-defense. 

For this course, you don’t need anything. We will provide everything on site.

Course Time: is 9am-2pm 
Course Location: FieldCraft HQ
2211 W 3000 S Unit C
Heber City, UT 84032


There is a "No Refund" policy on training courses.