MIL/LEO Designated Marksman Course, July 20 Prescott, AZ

Fieldcraft Survival


The Designated Marksman Course.

The DMR course is designed to take your gun fighter carbine skills and push them out to 800yrds and optimize your long range rifle.

This course will focus on marksmanship, ballistics, converting MILS or MOA reticles to BDC, quickly reading wind, alternate firing positions and shooting from cover.

Required Equipment:

Gas/Bolt Gun-5.56/308/6.5

1-3 magazines

Eye protection

Ear protection

Rifle Sling *optional 

300 Rounds 

Students will report to:

Fieldcraft HQ, 6720 Corsair Ave Suite 5, Prescott AZ 86301

at 0800, July 20th, 2019. 

Training questions please email us at: 

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