Glock 19 Low-Vis Holster
Glock 19 Low-Vis Holster Glock 19 Low-Vis Holster
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Glock 19 Low-Vis Holster

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Our Glock 19 minimalist holster is made for simplicity and function. It includes an offset flexible clip meant to run off your midline. Meant to carry appendix down the belt line for a clean draw, the Low Vis puts the grip above your belt line with no impedance of your draw with kydex. In addition we have cut a 45% slant in order for you to press check and even load the gun without constantly pulling the pistol in and out of the holster. Made in the USA in Prescott, AZ, our Low Vis G19 holster is an Every Day Carry essential. 

**includes  Raven Concealment, claw to offset grip angle** 


Type: Survival Gear