Long Range Shooting class 12/13 September in Livingston, Montana

Fieldcraft Survival

Long Range Marksmanship Course with Kevin Owens

The LRM course is designed to take your gun shooting skills and push them out to 1000 yards and optimize your long range rifle.

This course will focus on marksmanship, ballistics, different reticles, quickly reading wind, alternate firing positions and shooting from cover.

This course will be a 2-day course, please bring your own lunch, snacks, and water.

DAY 1 (Classroom)


-Introduction to Long range shooting

-Long Range Marksmanship Class

-Setting up the Rifle and Dry Fire

-Kestrel Class (Ballistic calculator)

-Ballistics 101

-Compensating for environmental effects

-Shooter/Spotter Dialogue

DAY 2 (Range day)


Range/Safety Brief


Field-shoot Known Distance Targets

Team Shooting Competition

Required Equipment:

Gas/Bolt Gun-300WM/308/6.5 with bipods

Some rifles are available for rent if needed

Magnified Optic

1-3 magazines

Eye protection

Ear protection

Rifle Sling *optional 

200 Rounds

Students will report to:

Comfort inn

114 Loves Ln, Livingston, MT 59047

at 0800 am on 12 September 2020

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