Modern Survival Class 16 August 2020 (Prescott,AZ)

Fieldcraft Survival

This seminar is for you and your family to learn the basics behind modern survival and principles that can save your life. We encourage you to bring your family members young and old. Our hope is to build a better, more prepared community.

The topics covered will be as follows:

- Survival Mindset

- Building a Survival Kit

- Environmental Conditions and their role in your survival.
- Shelter Types
- Knot Tying 
- Food & Water Procurement.
- Fire building
- Bug-Out Bag load out and packing
- Prioritization of Needs in a Survival Situation 
- Survival Medical Considerations 
The course will begin at 9 am and finish at 3 pm with a break for lunch.
Bring your own water, snacks and lunch.
The cost of the seminar is $50 per adult, kids are free


No Refunds.
Please report to :
Friendly Pines Camp
933 E Friendly Pines Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303
at 9 am on the 16 August 2020

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