Resilience Rendezvous: 4-8 November 2022 (Evanston, WY)

Evanston, Wyoming

Course Date:
4-8 November 2022


Resilience Rendezvous: 4-8 November 2022 (Evanston, WY)

$3,500.00 - $10,000.00

Resilience is forged through exposure to new experiences. Join a group of like-minded people who have a deep desire to test themselves. You will be led by subject matter experts through a series of experiences that will strengthen your resilience and leave you more prepared. You will stay in the heart of the west at an 8,000 SF lodge overlooking 100,000 acres of pristine Wyoming. This course is hosted by Mike Glover.

This is a 4-day premium all-inclusive training with the intention of challenging the participant’s resilience over the course of the event. Fieldcraft instructors will guide the participants through various challenges ranging from Land Navigation, First Aid Scenarios, and Shooting drills to physical and mental tests. Parts of the experience will suck and parts will be luxurious.

Each day is mapped out to create an experience where people can push themselves out of fear and resistance into action building confidence and resilience. Prepare for fully structured days.

Price varies based on lodging choice, all attendees must stay on location and not book elsewhere. All meals will be provided. More details will be emailed directly to you after registration. 


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