Special Operations Prep Course: 2-3 December 2023 (Provo, Utah )

Provo, Utah

Course Date:
2-3 December 2023

Course Time:


Special Operations Prep Course: 2-3 December 2023 (Provo, Utah )


This two-day course is designed to give you the tools, tactics, and an overview of Special Operations selections. This will prepare you with developing the right mindset, skill sets, and selection hacks that will set you up for success.

The following will be covered:
Land Navigation Overview
APFT/Fitness tactics
Making a plan
Rucking tactics
Foot Care
Mindset block
Peers/Board review
Pool competency
SOF Q/A session



This course starts at 0800 the morning of the start date, and will conclude at 1700 on the second day.

Participants will be sleeping at Fieldcraft HQ

Please bring:

Physical Fitness uniform
Weather appropriate attire
Hygiene kit
Pillow and blanket
Rucksack of your choice- capable of load bearing 35lbs

Course Location: Fieldcraft HQ - 1825 South East Bay Blvd, Provo UT 84606

Additional Info:

Please bring your own drinks and snacks. There is no lunch break though there will be time for snacks.

For ages 18 and older.

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