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Vehicle Dynamics w/Carbine: 9 May 2021 (Goldendale, WA) with Mike Glover

Goldendale, WA

This course is being taught directly after GunFighter Carbine and will expand your cabailities in and around vehicles using a carbine. We will teach tactics for addressing a threat when seated in a vehicle, shooting through glass, exiting and shooting from outside the vehicle,as well as using the vehicle for conver and concealement.

Required Minimum Equipment:
Eye protection
Ear protection
Carbine w/ sling
Zeroed optic or iron sights
2-5 magazines w/ carriers
60 rounds minimum (MUST BE FULL METAL JACKET ROUNDS - No Green Tips)

Muzzle brakes need to be at a standard A2 brake output or similar, this will protect you and those on the firing line next to you from inner ear damage.

Course Time:


Course Location:

47 Cattle Dr Goldendale, WA. 98620

Please bring your own drinks and snacks. There is no lunch break though there will be time for snacks.

Training related questions, email:

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