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Womens Practical Application to Defense: 16 October 2021 (Hoffman, NC)

Aberdeen/Hoffman, NC

Sold Out

This class will teach you considerations and applications for self-defense and concealed carry. We will cover:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Legal considerations and Castle Doctrine
  • Pistol Basics
  • Home Defense
  • Vehicle Defense
  • Concealed Carry Considerations for women including how to carry a firearm, wardrobe and holster options for female everyday carry, basic draw techniques, proper handling, and use of a firearm.
  • Decision-making scenarios

We will use Simunitions for this course, which is a non-lethal and non-toxic simulated ammunition.

We will provide the gun, holsters, eye protection, and ammo. This class is open to women of all abilities and comfort levels with defense and firearms.

Plan to bring your own lunch and any other refreshments you will need throughout the day.

Course Time: 9am-4pm

Course Location: 158 Rushing Road, Hoffman, North Carolina, 28347


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