Contact Your Representatives

To help assist you in contacting your representatives with regards to the ATF's ruling on pistol/stabilizing braces we have drafted a sample letter for you to write. You can copy this or you can use it as an outline to draft your own version. 


“Representative Name”,

My name is “YOUR NAME” and I am a proud resident of “TOWN”. Recently the Department of Justice has filed a ruling from the ATF making “Pistol Stabilizing Braces” illegal. Maintaining this brace on a pistol now makes it an NFA taxable SBR rifle. According to the release manufactures, dealers, and “Law Abiding Citizens” have 120 days to turn in, remove, or report and register. This outside the 120 day window makes any Law Abiding Citizen a felon the following day, punishable by fines and 10 years in prison. The estimates of braces circulation are 10-40 million braces.

The idea that this law is making Americans safer is a fabrication. There is no evidence, nor facts that back that argument. Criminals and mass shooters do not follow the rule of law. In creating a law that instantly requires mass reporting, registration, and obvious overreach you are compromising constitutional rights and putting Law Enforcement and Citizens in a very difficult position.

As an upstanding citizen of this state and Nation, the idea of further taxing, forcing registration and future regulation from the federal government is something we need you to stand up against. As a representative of your constituents I am personally asking that you demand change and force a court ruling to weigh the constitutional violation this is.

We trust as citizens of this county, city and state that you and your elected peers will stand up for our Constitutional rights. We ask that you make an official statement on this issue so we as voters know where you stand and do the right thing.