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See what some of our students had to say about the courses they took: 


“I thought it was really helpful [Gun Fighter Carbine Course]. Definitely learned a couple of things. I’m a prior military guy [Marine Corps Infantry Officer], but there were a lot of takeaways I didn’t know, so that was great. I’m going to take this home and practice.”

Byan – Bryan, TX


“I’m much more confident after shooting with you guys today.”

Nick – Pasadena, TX


“I’ve been listening to Mike Glover for years on YouTube. You don’t get to shoot like this all the time.  Anytime you get to come out and shoot targets, do maneuvers, and learn from the best, it’s a good time.”

Mark – Deer Park, TX


“There are awesome, professional, instructors that are willing to break it down at any skill-level.”

Sam – Houston, TX


“Loved the class today [Gun Fighter Carbine]. It was excellent. A lot of Fundamentals. A lot of moving and shooting. I learned a lot about how to manipulate the rifle. It was very well run—very professional—and everything seemed to run very smoothly.”

Joe – Conroe, TX 


“I’ve done a lot of competition 3-level stuff, so the big takeaway from here [Gun Fighter Carbine] was unlearning some bad habits and building efficiency through the elimination of lazy tactics—being deliberate with a lot of maneuvers. I heard about Fieldcraft through a friend of mine, and I’m looking forward to taking some more classes with you guys.” 

James – Wichita, KS 


“The Instructors are very professional and didn’t move beyond a drill until the students grasped that drill.” 

Cam – League City, TX


“I learned a lot about myself as a shooter—what to work on, the fundamentals.” 

Cindy – Woodlands, TX