Frequently Asked Questions:



Can I get a refund on a class if I can't make it? 

We have a "No Refund" policy. However, if there are extenuating circumstances we will allow you to swap to a later date. If you are more than 10 days out from the class we are often able to find a replacement student to fill your spot. 


What course should I take? 

I am interested in taking some of your firearms training courses. I have experience with handgun etiquette/safety, loading and unloading my firearms, and very basic marksmanship techniques. However, I do not have much experience drawing from a holster. Would this knowledge base be considered adequate to participate in the "gunfighter pistol course" or would you recommend the "pistol fundamentals course"? Any information is appreciated. 

At the level you expressed we’d prefer you attend a fundamentals course first. Either ours or someone else’s. The draw is important to have practiced and to be comfortable with. Hope that helps.