A Training Mindset: Our Mission

Posted by Mike Glover on May 5th 2020

After an amazing weekend in Laurens, SC, at the Sawmill Training Complex, we were able to spend a lot of time on the road reflecting on our mission. I've personally taught these types of courses for well over a decade, but not always in America. I have often been asked, even by my own peers in Special Operations, “why do you train civilians?” The answer is simple—if I don't, who will? Training indigenous people all over the world to protect themselves and their families against terrorism, tyranny, and dictators has been a foundation of my military career. Do we think we are immune from terrorism, from tyranny, from evil in the world? The benefit of a country that’s "of the people, by the people" is we control and establish the balance between us and them. The government and the people... especially a country controlled by heads of state, governors, and politicians that are just people. In setting that balance we train to be prepared, because conflict, especially conflict that happens in a short period of time, only last seconds. Whether that’s in the defense of your life from a lone wolf, or a deliberate attack on you, your family or community... When disasters happen in seconds, first responders are often minutes away. Mike Glover

The passion we have at FieldCraft is opening minds to how easy preparedness is. How easy, once in the fold, it is to think through stressful circumstance and disaster. How easy it is to equip and train, to be prepared for that worst-case scenario, and inadvertently being prepared for everything in between. Our passion is you. It’s what drives our purpose, keeps us motivated, and allows us to stay focused on our mission—providing the best training: adapting and always ready. I’m excited for our upcoming training, seeing new faces, and opening minds to the benefits of being prepared.