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Training: Practical Shooting, Benefits and Course

Training: Practical Shooting, Benefits and Course

Posted by Hunter Constantine on Jul 28th 2020

Practical shooting is a set of shooting sports, and it measures the competitor on speed, accuracy, and power. There are a handful of different organizations, and the scoring system varies between them. In the United States, the most popular practical shooting disciplines are USPSA, IDPA, and 3gun. In all these disciplines, shooters must move and shoot from several positions. They must work in or around obstacles and uncomfortable positions. The best score is based on the time it takes to complete a course of fire, which includes penalties for inaccurate shooting.

We are excited to announce that Fieldcraft Survival will be offering an Intro to Practical shooting class. The Intro to Practical Shooting Course is designed to get you ready for your first match—by having an overall understanding of what is expected at a match and how to perform. This class will give you the building blocks to become more proficient and confident with your firearm.

The class is taught by Dillon Ventzke and me—we both are Master Class shooters in a variety of disciplines. We each have a list of accolades from our competition careers. Dillon holds world titles in Steel Challenge, and he performs in the top percentile for major matches he has shot in during 2020. Additionally, I shot over 130 matches in 2019; including, nationals, sectionals, and area matches. I’ve won the High Overall at all major matches I have shot in during 2020. Dillon and I have a regimented system to become better shooters, and this class encompasses our system, which is passed onto the student.

Practical Shooting

All of the basic fundamentals you need for competition will be covered. When you complete this class, you will have a better understanding of how to practice. You will be able to identify the different skills you need to improve on. This course is designed for all shooters that demonstrate safe and adequate gun handling skills. If you’re a competition shooter who has plateaued in your class, you will leave with the tools necessary to break that plateau. Building efficiency and proficiency in your shooting ability the goal of Dillon and me.

Learning how to handle your firearm better will only improve the experience of shooting. You will have a better understanding of how your firearm is going to function. This can translate to other aspects of shooting; like concealed carry and tactical shooting. Some of the best operators in the world look to competition shooters to increase their shooting skillset. Additionally, this class will not teach you about tactics or concealed carry work. This class is about practical shooting and handling your firearm.

Competition Shooting

Our next class is in Tucson, Arizona at Pima Pistol Club on August 16th. Please follow this link to sign up. There are only 10 spots, so make sure you get your chance to train with top shooters in the sport.