Disaster Pouch Set: 20 Liter


Introducing our innovative disaster pouches – the perfect companion for your 20-liter duffel bag, designed to elevate your organization and preparedness skills. This versatile insert takes your everyday carry to the next level, ensuring your essentials are neatly organized for any adventure or emergency you may encounter. The Disaster Pouch Set comes with 4 pouches that are designed for a perfect fit inside the Fieldcraft Survival 20 liter duffel bag. The four pouches are red, gray, black, and blue. You can also purchase the pouches individually here: Individual Disaster Pouch

Key Features:

1. Optimal Organization: With dedicated compartments for medical supplies, survival gear, general purpose items, communication equipment, and more. Our disaster pouches ensure that every essential has its designated space, making retrieval a breeze.

2. Quick Accessibility: No more fumbling through your bag to find what you need. Our thoughtfully designed insert enables you to access your items swiftly, helping you stay focused on what matters most – whether it's an outdoor excursion, travel, or everyday activities.

3. Color Variety: Available in black, blue, gray, and red. 

4. Versatile Attachment: The exterior features a convenient velcro patch, allowing you to customize your pouch with patches that showcase its purpose or add a touch of individuality. Enhance visibility and let your gear stand out with this practical feature.

5. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our pouch insert is built to withstand the demands of your active lifestyle. It ensures longevity, providing reliable support for your essentials in various environments.

Experience the convenience of a well-organized duffel bag with our disaster pouches – the ultimate solution for those who value efficiency and accessibility. Elevate your preparedness skills and embark on your next adventure with confidence.

Product Specs:

Dimensions: 7 1/2" H x 8" W x 4" D

Main Fabric: Nylon 500D Cordura

Zippers: YKK Nylon Zipper Chain and YKK Slider

Exterior Loop Attachment Patch: 2x2