Fieldcraft EDC Belt Bag


It’s like the athletic company belt bag you all know and love but with expanded capabilities and a bonus back compartment for your concealed carry firearm. The Fieldcraft Belt bag is the right piece you need for your EDC. As a specialized hip pack, this bag allows you to carry all your EDC items conveniently, effectively, and efficiently. Your pistol is stored in a hook and loop holster so it is secured with the trigger covered and keeps the handgun in the same position at all times. This allows for a faster and more efficient draw. The oversized quick-pull zipper tabs allow a secure grip to open the pocket under stress.

You can keep your wallet, keys, phone, knife, and EDC med items like a tourniquet easily stowed in the main pocket. The fanny pack is back and it's here to stay!

The interior of the holster pouch is 7" wide by 6.5" tall.