Fieldcraft Magnetic Retention (MRS) Holster


Designed by retired Green Beret and Fieldcraft Survival CEO, Mike Glover, the Magnetic Retention System (MRS) Holster changes the game for retention for concealed carry holsters. The MRS holster is injection molded and uses rare earth magnets to provide the perfect amount of retention instead of relying on either friction or active locking mechanisms to retain the gun. This allows for a smooth, clean, and frictionless draw that increases efficiency.  

The holster is ambidextrous and can easily be changed to a left-handed model by simply removing the sprung steel clip and moving it to the opposite side. The durable metal clip has belt hooks to hold the holster in place during the draw giving you confidence, consistency, and safety should you ever need to draw your pistol in self-defense.

Make no compromise when choosing your life-saving gear!

**Holster does not work with threaded barrels.**

The launch for the P365 is anticipated to be later than the other models. They will ship as soon as we have them available


Please note that any modifications to your firearm, are not guaranteed to fit this holster. We can't confirm specifics. We will honor the return policy if the holster does not fit due to any such modifications.