Land Navigation: 18 May 2024 (Provo, UT)

Provo, UT

Course Date:
18 May 2024

Course Time:


Land Navigation: 18 May 2024 (Provo, UT)


Land Navigation | Survival

This one-day Land Navigation class will teach you the skills you need to navigate in a wilderness with a map, compass, and GPS. This course follows the lostproofing curriculum and teaches the fundamentals of land navigation from multiple perspectives. You will learn all the necessary skills to create route cards and they will learn to "speak navigation" using appropriate terminology. This class is 90 percent classroom and 10 percent field exercises to proof what is learned. Those who demonstrate proficiency with these skills will be ready for Land Navigation Field Exercise.

Topics Covered:

  • Map reading
  • Determining position with UTM and MGRS coordinates
  • Measuring distance through multiple methods
  • Establishing pace count
  • Taking a bearing, walking a bearing, and other compass directional functions
  • Offset shooting, resection, doglegging, and boxing an obstacle
  • Creating route cards with descriptions of terrain
  • Intro to celestial navigation, GPS, and online mapping software

Required Gear:

  • Notebook, pen, and mechanical pencils
  • Lunch/snacks/water for the day
  • Suunto MC2D, Suunto MC2G or M3 Compass (or equivalent baseplate compass)
  • Lunch/snacks/water for the day
  • Optional Equipment: 1:24,000 Pocket UTM Protractor and 1:24,000 ruler

Course Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Course Location: Fieldcraft HQ - 1825 South East Bay Blvd, Provo UT 84606

Additional Info:


Check in at the front desk in the retail pro shop.


No prior experience is needed. Children 14 years and older can purchase a spot and join the course. They must be accompanied by an adult who has purchased a ticket as well.

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