Leather Tourniquet Holder


Introducing the Fieldcraft Frontier handmade leather TQ holder. This leather TQ holder is made for the NAR CAT 7 tourniquet but will fit a SOF-T tourniquet as well. You can mount it on a belt, strap or to MOLLE with a malice clip or something similar. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The bigger punches in the center will accommodate up to a 2” belt or strap. The smaller punches on the top and bottom will accommodate up to a 1.5” belt or strap. The TQ holder opens and closes with strong magnets sewn inside the leather. This works great for quick access to your TQ while also holding it securely when closed. The TQ holster is made from 100% American cowhide. The body of the TQ holder is made from a soft but very durable chrome tanned leather. The cap on the front and the belt loop piece on the back is made from a thick vegetable tanned strap leather. All leather goods are handmade in house by Fieldcraft Frontier here in Heber City, UT U.S.A.



*Tourniquet not included*


Leather TQ holders are made to order. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks production time from the date the order was placed.


Because leather is a natural material, color may vary slightly from the picture.


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