Personal Defense: 28 July 2024 (Maxton, NC)

Maxton, NC

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North Carolina

Personal Defense

Matt McCoy

Personal Defense: 28 July 2024 (Maxton, NC)


Personal Defense | Defense

This is Step 1 in the Fieldcraft Defense Series. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to take control of your safety and security. This training course provides students with a comprehensive overview, equipping you with self-confidence, awareness, and preparedness. This unique program provides the fundamental tools to defend yourself and your loved ones in various real-world situations. Students will learn to analyze scenarios to respond effectively, confidently, and appropriately in any situation.

Following the classroom portion of the class, instructors will lead students through challenging scenarios to put participants through realistic and uncomfortable situations, equipping the students to think on their feet. We use various training aids including training firearms, training ammunition, and inert tools that offer real-world experience. If you carry a firearm, this course is essential. You are your own first responder.

This course is co-ed for men and women. *Ages 16+ as long as a parent is attending the class as well.

Topics Covered:

  • Mindset (fight/flight/freeze)
  • Situational awareness
  • Deadly force
  • Stand your ground
  • Castle doctrine
  • Duty to retreat
  • Imminent threat
  • Hostile intent
  • Real-world case studies and videos

Required gear:

  • Everyday comfortable clothing with sturdy close-toed shoes. We recommend pants with a robust waistband or belt.  Women can wear leggings with a waistband that can have a holster clipped onto them for the scenarios.
  • Bring your own drinks and snacks. There will be a one-hour lunch break.
  • No gear is needed. All equipment is provided, including non-lethal simunition guns.

Course Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Course Location: Gryphon Group - 16870 Airbase Road. Laurinburg-Maxton Airport. Maxton, NC 28364


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Training Liability Waiver

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