The Foundation Workout Program

This 90 Day workout program is designed to give you a baseline of functional fitness and physical capability to endure the physical requirements of the worst-case scenario. This will also establish the baseline for advanced fitness programs to be offered by Fieldcraft Survival.
12-week + 1 de-loading week(optional)* (6 day/week full-body functional training program)
Power development and improved quality of movement.
The program uses classic core lifts and endurance training, plus accessory work to promote flexibility, stability, mobility and joint health.
The program has a built-in progression. It increases in difficulty and intensity as you work through the weeks.
The program trains bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell and strength, endurance, and functional power movement. The program is specifically designed to develop a functionally fit foundation that will provide prerequisites for specialty programs. Participants can also choose to recycle the program with an increase in exercise volume.
Each workout (except aerobic and prehab/rehab sessions) will consist of an ingress (warm-up), work (main exercises), and egress (taper/cooldown)
Required equipment:
    • Barbells, Dumbbells and/or kettlebells, pull-up bar.

    • Timer or Stopwatch

    • Extra light or light resistance band

    • Foam Roller

    The program will be delivered in a PDF format emailed to you after your purchase.