EDC Med Ankle Holster


When disaster strikes, you need the right gear within arms reach. Carrying the right gear on your person can bring challenges but the Fieldcraft Survival EDC Med Ankle Holster will allow you to keep your pockets free while still having emergency med gear within arms reach at all times. 

The ankle holster has two pouches with hook and loop closures, along with a third open top pouch that is compatible with a spare pistol mag, trauma shears, or a tourniquet (including a CAT or SOF tourniquet). The ankle holster makes other items such as hemostatic dressing, gauze, trauma bandages, survival blankets/wraps, and other items much more convenient and easy to carry.  

The strong hook and look fastener will keep the ankle rig securely snug on your leg without sacrificing user comfort or concealment. 

Made from 600D Nylon with a skin-friendly mesh and foam padding and hook and loop closures. 

Ankle Holster Dimensions
Main Body: 15.95" Wide x 8.1" Tall
Elastic pocket (MED 01-01): 3.5" Wide x 4.7" Tall
Elastic pocket (Flame&Arrows): 3.5" Wide 4.7" Tall
Elastic pocket (Open Top): 2.7" Wide x 4.7" Tall
Additional velcro panel: 4.9" Wide × 4.5" Tall