Fieldcraft Survival Backcountry Carrier


The Fieldcraft Survival Backcountry Carrier is designed to keep your lifesaving and important gear on your person at all times. Ready to hold your most important gear in intentionally designed locations, this is the piece of kit you need in the backcountry. Whether riding motos, bikes, or hiking, this will help keep you prepared when you need it most.

The main front pouch has a loop backing to allow velcro and other hook attachments, as well as two small mesh pockets inside for your smaller items. The very back of the main pouch is a map and document holder, and on the front side is a small zippered pouch with two mesh pockets.  

Behind the main front pouch is the holster pouch with an included holster attachment that is removable. You can position your firearm in any position (right or left-handed) to maintain a consistent draw every time. You can also replace the holster with your own hook-backed holster. 

The right side pouch is a dedicated med pouch that is designed to fit the Bleeding Control Kit with added space for other personal med items. To complete your med items, a zippered tourniquet pouch is built in directly underneath the main pouch to give you all the gear you need to stop address the most common traumatic injuries.  

The left side pouch is a general-purpose pouch for everything else you need to keep on your person. 

The shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort and have sewn-in webbing on the front shoulder straps to allow for comms devices, satellite trackers, hydration hoses, and more. There is also multi-point adjustment straps to get the fit just right. 

Designed for backcountry use, including moto riders, the chest rig keeps your emergency and medical gear on your person with quick access even in the event of an ejection from the bike making sure that you have the gear you need, when you need it, where you need it. 


Outside material: Hypalon (rubber) 0.65T 
Lining: Nylon 210D with PU coating 
Zippers: YKK nylon zipper chain